Food waste–themed installations

Concepts to consider: a movable oven; an ice sculpture; a poster containing a QR (Quick Response) code. Accompanied by promo items such as roll-outs and hand-outs, the movable oven, along with a tent branded by Sincerely, Food visuals, may be presented at a national food festival. An ice sculpture – a transparent human figure containing a (an image of) food product and standing on a “globe” covered in “waste” – may be installed in a thematic exhibit of the Sincerely, Food campaign during an annual food and drinks industry expo. Complete with factsheets about the global food waste issue and supplemented by infotainment activities, such an installation may help attract the interest of many thousands of visitors of an exhibit. Paper posters containing a QR code may be distributed to schools, where they are to be exhibited in spaces with a high potential of attracting the attention of pupils and visitors.