No slowdown in lockdown

No slowdown in lockdown

Led by Lithuanian Consumer Institute, six NGOs in six countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Romania) have teamed up to address an issue in need of urgent attention: household food waste.

An innovative and ambitious awareness campaign, branded Sincerely, Food to show off a positive and consumer-friendly approach, has resulted in over 500 events attended by more than 1,1 mln people, including over 200 trainings targeting diverse audiences, with its social media campaign reaching over 5 450 000 and engaging over 666 000 visitors.

During the recent lockdown, the campaign has shown no sign of slowing down, offering its target audiences online events such as “Waste-free food prepping labs” featuring famous local chefs and influencers, as well as online advice sessions. It has also served as a comforting platform providing consolation in times of uncertainty.

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